Trevor’s Travels Eco Adventures: The Ocean Calls

Trevor gets stung by the Loculuna Bug
Trevor gets stung by the Loculuna Bug

Chapter Excerpt Continued…

A gruff voice sounded next to him. “Trevor, you said ouch. You okay?”

The boy turned, but saw only Stray gazing at him in concern. Trevor shook his head. “That’s funny, I thought you actually talked, Stray. Wow, maybe I’m listening to birds too hard.”

“I did talk. I asked if you were okay. That was a funny looking bug, huh?”

Trevor stared at the dog, his jaw agape, unable to make a sound. The boy sank to his knees, gripped the ruff of Stray’s neck with both hands, and looked into his eyes. “Did you just … what am I, crazy? No, it couldn’t be.”

“Wow, I can understand you really well now! Can you understand me too? That’s fantastic! Boy, do I have a lot to tell you.”

Trevor stroked his dog’s silky ears and buried his head in Stray’s furry neck. “You can talk! I can’t believe it.” The pulsing of his punctured arm caught Trevor’s attention. “It’s gotta have something to do with that weird green bug.”

An unfamiliar, earthy voice piped up. “Well, it’s about time you got the Sting!” Trevor jerked his head and saw a plump banana slug clinging to a leaf.

“You’re the perfect one for the job. Nobody else notices us. They just charge right past.”

Trevor’s head spun. “What job? And how come I can understand you and Stray?”

The slug oozed forward, leaving a trail of darkish-green slime on the leaf. “You, my human friend, have been chosen for a very special mission. They don’t pick just anyone for the loculuna sting.”

“The what sting? What do you mean, mission?”
“The loculuna bug sting. That’s why you can understand us. I’m not allowed to talk about your mission, though. I’m just a humble slug. You’ll find out soon enough. Just keep going!”


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The Adventure

The sting from this magical insect allows Trevor to speak with animals, and he quickly joins forces with a colorful collection of characters; Nigel the fast-talking crab, Kelby the crusty green sea turtle, Didgeridoo the daring brown pelican, and many more! These ocean dwellers teach Trevor the perils of plastic pollution for ocean life, various marine facts, and also inspire him to take action on the mainland. This adventurous tale is sure to entertain, teach, and inspire all who read it.

Nigel the Crab giving Trevor some important news
Nigel the Crab giving Trevor some important news

The other books in the Trevor’s Travels Eco Adventure series will include adventure tales in all parts of the world, addressing region-specific challenges to local endangered species and other environmental issues.

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